U.K. Fans Get Zero Hour Finale Before U.S. via iTunes

Zero-Hour"Zero Hour" was and continues to be an American network science fiction television show starring "ER" lead Anthony Edwards. 13 episodes were shot for the first series but after only 3 aired the program was pulled for retooling. Last week ABC, the network responsible for the show, announced it was pulling the plug but would air the remaining 10 episodes beginning on June 8, 2013 and concluding the show on August 3.

The good news for those living in the U.K. is the announcement yesterday that all 13 episodes, including the big finale, is now available ONLY in the U.K. from iTunes. Why, one may ask, is this good news if the show is being canceled anyway? It's news because "Zero Hour" is a very fine program that ABC never allowed to capture an audience.

"Zero Hour" centers around bizarre twists and turns that end up pulling Edwards' character, Hank Galliston a skeptic magazine editor, and his crew of researchers who have spent two decades debunking the mysterious and unnatural as very natural and explainable with common sense and modern day science into one of the most strange and compelling conspiracies in human history. Cloning, nazism, time travel and alternate realities are all examined in this riveting show that was never allowed to get its proper sea-legs.


  1. I came across this blurb re Zero Hour in an article on the airdates for the remaining episodes of it and 666 Park Avenue:

    "While neither series will return for sophomore runs, both are expected to give fans at least some finality. Producers of “Zero Hour” had previously told fans the central mystery of the series would have been wrapped up by the end of season one and had season two happened, they would have set up a new scenario."


    So it seems that IF we invest some of our limited free time in the remaining episodes, there apparently WILL be a point to it all (though I'm guessing that in the last episode, they may have also set up some kind of lead-in into what would have been season 2, so there may be some new string left dangling).

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