Neil Gaiman Attacks Malaria

Neil Gaiman Comics for Charity One of our most prolific science fiction scribes, Neil Gaiman put down his pen and picked up a new challenge, battling Malaria.

“Lost Tails” is Gaiman’s comic strip from the 1980’s in a special collection available for digital download for iPad via the SEQUENTIAL Graphic Novel App. Neil also contributed a rare interview, writings, musings and photos from decades ago to this collection.

The iTunes download is free, BUT most importantly, the publisher donates 50 cents to aid the charity, Malaria No More UK. The objective is to raise thousands of dollars by December 31, 2013.

SEQUENTIAL and Knockabout Comics takes the high road as the take on the fight against Malaria outbreaks, one of the biggest killers of children in Africa.

How can you help? You can do your part by downloading the “Neil Gaiman’s Lost Tales”. Again that's at or Twitter: @SEQUENTIAL_app.

You can also learn more about Malaria No More UK by clicking on this LINK or by visiting their Twitter page: @malarianomore.

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