Captain Quasar

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar, a retro-themed science fiction parody can be summed up in three words -- cheese that works. Andy Buckland and his creative team are behind this wacky and irreverent homage to the 1950's and 1960's days of sci-fi on TV and in those Saturday matinees at the local neighborhood theaters.

Captain Quasar is the totally self-obsessed and sex crazed commander of a motley crew of starship travelers, ala Star Trek. The only one keeping everything in some semblance of order is the uptight, by-the-book first officer Number One. The humor is reminiscent of that found in the films of Leslie Nielsen and the raucous adult/low brow references of Beavis and Butthead.

Shot in Flash Gordon black and white with sound effects and music backgrounds straight out of the files of TOS Trek, Captain Quasar might be poking fun at all that was bad with B-movie sci-fi but watching the actors deliver their cheesy lines it becomes apparent after just a few minutes of viewing that they love and really do have a great deal of respect for all that has transpired from those early days of sci-fi production to the supreme quality of film and TV programming available today.

While revolutionary in its day over sixty years ago, watching old science fiction in today's digital age is often laughable, and that's the angle the cast and crew were taking with The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar. Episode One Parts 1 & 2 are now available. If it becomes a fan favorite you can look for more adventures in the future.



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