Queue the Outrage!

petty Back in 2012, after the release of Marvel's "The Avengers", there was a bit of an internet dust up over a line spoken by Chris Hemsworth's character, Thor. Did you hear about it? It made aaaalll the big the news outlets: Whiners Daily...Too Sensitive Saturday Post...things like. What Thor said when asked about Loki being his brother was "he's adopted."

Holy cow, how dare he! What an insult to adopted people everywhere!

Now, I'm not adopted (I don't think) and I'm not an overly sensitive person so I laughed at the dialog. Most of us laughed at the dialog. Yes, even people who were adopted laughed at the dialog. But, some felt like Joss Whedon, the director and writer of "The Avengers", should take sensitivity training.

Fast forward two years to "The Lego Movie." There was a line spoken by one of the characters, voiced by Morgan Freeman. This dialog was soooo bad that it has an entire country up in arms. The character describes a place called "Middle Zealand" as a "wondrous land full of knights, castles, mutton, torture, weapons, poverty, leeches, illiteracy, and, um ... dragons."

Queue the outrage from New Zealanders everywhere.

I vaguely recall the line during the movie. I remember laughing because I knew it was an obvious reference to Peter Jackson's Middle Earth and the fact that it's been filmed in New Zealand. However, some folks in New Zealand were up in arms over this line of dialog, upset with the obvious insult to New Zealanders. Some in the political ranks in New Zealand want to call up Warner Brothers, the movie producers, and demand that the studio give back money granted them as a tax incentive for filming those same Middle Earth movies in their country.

So, perhaps it's my lack of sensitivity mentioned earlier but I don't understand the "outrage." First, my New Zealand friends, you are insulted by a movie with obvious in-jokes everywhere? Nothing was sacred or spared by the writers of The Lego Movie. I am a massive Star Wars fan and I laughed to the point of wheezing when the Star Wars Lego sets were involved in the on-screen action. It wasn't flattering to the Star Wars franchise but Walt Disney didn't threaten to sue and the millions and millions of Star Wars fans didn't picket the film. Second, oh Friends of Frodo Filmmaker, do you get that you are watching a movie made out of plastic toys? Are you reaaally going go to take this seriously? Third, my Kiwi Loving amigos, it was an obvious...OBVIOUS...reference to Middle Earth and Peter Jackson and the fact that your country now has more Tolkien nerds flocking there than EVER before to feel like they are in Bilbo's backyard.

I promise, it will all be ok. Just lighten up. My advice to you? Embrace it. Own it. Laugh about it. Laugh.

[By: Bret Filipek - Slice of SciFi Commentator]

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