Is The Terminal the Beginning or End of Utopia?

The Terminal is a new Wildseed Studios short film from director Tom Bober (Analogue) and stars Conner McKenzy (Buffering, Gabriel Cushing Versus the Zombie Vampires). It is featured at this year’s Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

The film explores one possible future reality in which the brain of every human being on the planet is connected symbiotically with the internet which allows for instantaneous sharing of all mental data - the entire realm of conversation, debate, feelings, thoughts and unspoken words simultaneously. The Terminal then asks the question via a mental dialogue between friends over dinner -- what would happen to a society so meshed with the net should that link be severed? Would it be the end of a perceived utopia or its beginning?

The Terminal comes from the pen of Peter Strauss and is produced by Bryce Groves. Both men worked together with Bober on the movie Analogue in 2013.