BBC Creating Two Sci-Fi Documentaries for New Media

my_life_in_science_fiction My Life in Science Fiction is a new three-part documentary that will be viewable on BBC’s VoD and iPlayer service.

This doc will act as a partner to the BBC2’s Dominic Sandbrook series called Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction in which the historian looks at the genre from a diagnostic point of view.

Both new shows continue the wave of sci-fi programming for the UK’s BBC mega-corp which include its top dog Doctor Who and new entries such as In the Flesh and the bizarre but fascinating series Intruders.

Another of the iPlayer features will be Stories from the Stars, an interview show with guests ranging from Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Always), C3PO himself - Anthony Daniels (Star Wars franchise) and others who have made their mark in science fiction films and TV.

The BBC has yet to announce the official start date for the two documentaries.


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