New Animated Sci-Fi Comedy: "Ship Of Eagles"

Wildseed Comedy has unveiled their latest show, Ship of Eagles, a new animated sci-fi comedy created, written and directed by Joel Veitch and David Shute, and executive produced by Wildseed Studios’ Miles Bullough and Jesse Cleverly.

In the far future, mankind has spread throughout the stars. The Galactic Human Empire is ruled by a massive byzantine theocracy, a dense, ancient mess of rituals, dogma and bureaucracy, so old and complex that nobody really understands it all any more.

Fleeing the authorities after selling a batch of dodgy codpieces is SARAH – a small time crook who has got in over her head and is now branded a heretic. Forced along with her are an unlikely crew of reluctant rebels, caught up in the action against their will.

Their friendship is forged in their mutual struggle for survival after it becomes obvious that the Theocracy is interested only in destroying them all.

Backed into a corner by the vicious regime, they reluctantly begin to build a resistance movement using only their wits and an inexhaustible supply of eagles.

Ship of Eagles trailer:

Miles Bullough co-founder of Wildseed Comedy and Ship of Eagles’ executive producer said: “Fresh, and truly original content is what viewers are after, and shows like 'Ship of Eagles' have been designed to satisfy that need, allowing audiences to consume content when and where they want to. The show was conceived as an epic world that will make the best use of sci-fi animation to create huge space structures, intergalactic battles and alien worlds - all the really big stuff that’s not possible through live action alone.”

Ship of Eagles was co-written and directed by Joel Veitch (he of internet cat fame) probably best known for his "Uncle Wormsley’s Christmas on Sky Atlantic" which gained stand out critical reception. Narrated by Steve Coogan, and featuring the voices of Julian Barratt, John Thomson and Julia Davis, the funny, dark and frequently disturbing animation tells a cautionary Christmas tale about love, greed and a giant crab.

Commenting on the vision of Ship of Eagles, Jesse Cleverly, the show’s executive producer and co-founder of Wildseed Comedy said: “'Ship of Eagles' is a rich and diverse world with strong characters, so we’d love to do more which will allow us take viewers on a journey with our intergalactic heroes as they uncover the true nature of space civilisation and the weakness of the Theocracy. The unrelenting growth of digital production and distribution platforms allows companies like Wildseed Comedy to fearlessly produce excellent shows like 'Ship of Eagles' from a new generation of British comedy talent.”

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