The Sleeper Effect

Watch the full pilot episode of The Sleeper Effect! During the crippling energy crisis, humanity has been split into three sects. Amidst the segregation, four gifted individuals become involved in events that will alter their lives indefinitely. The Sleeper Effect is primarily set in 2015, UK.   [Read more...]

Slice of SciFi Will Play on International Table Top Day

Last week, I got a sniff of something that smelled like a golden opportunity. It was that irresistible honey-baked aroma that often reeks of goodness emanating from Geek & Sundry.   [Read more...]

"Halo" Novel Release Date Announced

Halo fans will want to put down their game controls and head out to their local bookstores early next year.   [Read more...]

Slice of SciFi Doctor Who Power Of Three

Tim Callender offers his uncensored thoughts Doctor Who Season 7 episode The Power of Three. It's worth watching one year in one hour of Doctor Who. Find out why it worth keeping humans around.   [Read more...]

Slice of SciFi Doctor Who Town Called Mercy

Tim Callender delivers another Doctor Who episode 7 review. Bad guys, good guys, more bad guys and good guys. It's about the Human Condition.   [Read more...]

Slice Of SciFi Doctor Who Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Tim Callender offers his uncensored thoughts Doctor Who Season 7 episode that's all about Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Finally, there is a fresh idea in science fiction television programming!   [Read more...]

Slice of Scifi Doctor Who Season 7 Review

Doctor Who Season 7 first episode has aired and Tim Callender offers his uncensored review.   [Read more...]

Olympic UFO?

Seriously? WTF??

"Doctor Who" Movie Will Happen--Just Not Yet

Fans looking for a big-screen adventure of the Doctor will have to wait a bit longer.   [Read more...]

3D Space Station Doco from Above

ZDF Enterprises, the commercial arm of German broadcaster ZDF, has acquired the global distribution rights for an upcoming documentary that promises to have the first 3D footage from the International Space Station (ISS).   [Read more...]