Publishing World Buzzing About "The Bone Season"

Has the publishing world found the next J.K. Rowling?   [Read more...]

Maslany Wins Critic's Choice Award

Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany has collected critical and fan accolades for her work on the first season of the show.

Last night, she added the prestigious Critics' Choice Television Award for the  Best Actress in a Drama Series.   [Read more...]

HitchHiker's Guide vs The Bechdel Test

For many, Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a rite of passage into the world of science-fiction.

But could the iconic work be lacking?   [Read more...]

Syfy Developing "Blake's Seven"

Syfy is looking to reboot another classic genre franchise. This time around the cable outlet will team with Georgeville Television to produce a reboot of the 70's classic Blake's 7.   [Read more...]

DC Reveals New Power Couple

Talk about your power couples.

Superman and Wonder Woman are an item now.   [Read more...]

Smith Reveals Which Companion He Wants To Return

For fifty years, the Doctor has traveled alongside the likes of Ian, Barbara, Susan, Romana, K-9, The Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith (just to name a few). But which companion does actor Matt Smith think should come back for the 50th anniversary season?   [Read more...]

Could Eccleston Return for the Fiftieth Anniversary of "Doctor Who?"

Most Doctor Who fans figure the chances of Christopher Eccleston coming back for the upcoming 50th anniversary multi-Doctor story are about as good as the Doctor and Davros sitting down for tea and crumpets.   [Read more...]

Remembering Mary Tamm

The first actress to play Romana on Doctor Who has passed away.   [Read more...]

Will Jackson Expand "The Hobbit" Further?!?

Could we get more Middle Earth than we originally thought?

It sounds like that's the case.  Director Peter Jackson has apparently decided that two movies isn't enough to do justice to The Hobbit and now he wants to turn the project into a trilogy.   [Read more...]

Moffat: Only One River Episode in Series Seven

If you're a bit River Song fan, prepare to be disappointed. Producer Steven Moffat says that while River will be back for series seven, she will only appear once.
  [Read more...]