50 Things a Doctor Who Fan Should Know

A team of researchers with the Horror Channel have recently compiled a Doctor Who trivia style infographic called - 50 Things a Doctor Who Fan Should Know - which includes just that - 50 facts every Doctor Who fan should know. Did you find one you were not aware of? While you're visiting our good […]

Interview With Cast and Crew of The Tomorrow People

Channel 4’s E4 has announced the new series “The Tomorrow People.” It will premiere on the 8th of January at 9pm. Based on the British TV series from the 1970’s about an underground clan of very special lifeforms that posses the power of the “3T’s”, Telepathy-Telekinesis-Teleportation. ("The Tomorrow People" at 2013 San Diego Comic Con […]

Kristen Quintrall: Wanna Be Doctor Who-ed

Slice of SciFi Exclusive Interview with Kristen Quintrall, a closet geek, actress, writer, editor, director, film maker, singer-songwriter, music video producer, plus a bunch of other appropriate titles. "Wanna Be Doctor Who-ed" is her music video tribute to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. As the Doctor Who season wraps up this weekend, the timing could not be better to bust out an amazing video with brilliant lyrics rife with subtle Whoisms.   [Read more...]