Famed Star Wars Trio Seen In London

The most famous trio in sci-fi filmdom (besides Kirk, Spock and McCoy) have been seen on the streets of London this week. Yes, shooting will finally begin in earnest in May in the UK for the Star Wars VII blockbuster with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford reprising their iconic roles of Luke, Leia […]

Xbox Games to Live-Action TV and Film

According to Marc Graser, senior editor over at Variety Microsoft/Xbox is getting ready to unleash a bevy of games to live-action television series and feature movies. The first has already been in the rumor mill for some time now. That one is the Steven Spielberg produced TV series Halo. Ridley Scott will also be involved […]

Queue the Outrage!

Back in 2012, after the release of Marvel's "The Avengers", there was a bit of an internet dust up over a line spoken by Chris Hemsworth's character, Thor. Did you hear about it? It made aaaalll the big the news outlets: Whiners Daily...Too Sensitive Saturday Post...things like. What Thor said when asked about Loki being […]

Doctor Who: Besieged

The Doctor and Alien come face to face in this high quality fan production of Doctor Who: Besieged. In Part One The Doctor (Ryan Henderick) and his companion are summoned aboard the HMS Archer, a military research vessel in deep space, trapped by an unknown and unstoppable alien force. In the conclusion Ade (Natalie Clark) […]

Star Trek: Live In Concert

Star Trek: Live in Concert is coming your way, with screenings of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness accompanied by live symphony orchestra performances of Michael Giacchino’s scores. The Star Trek: Live in Concert tour will kick off in Europe next month with events in the UK and Switzerland, followed by U.S. premieres […]

Welcome To "The Machine"

In the midst of a new Cold War in the not-too-distant future two British scientific computer programmers create the world’s first self-aware, fully integrated conscious artificial intelligence. This new life-form, dubbed The Machine, is the ultimate new soldier that looks nothing like standard robotics. It looks, feels, sounds and smells fully human but with the […]

Under the Skin

If you are a human male reading this then you already knew that Scarlett Johansson is just too damned perfect to be a human being. Well, director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) has now given us all proof beyond any reasonable doubt. His new British/USA collaboration Under the Skin, which has been a decade in the […]

Sneak Peak: New Doctor Who Covers for Titan Comics

Following last month’s announcement that Titan Comics will publish Doctor Who comics, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the issue #1 covers and creator details for the brand-new DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR series and DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR series: DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR #1 Regular cover by Alice X. […]

Captain Quasar

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar, a retro-themed science fiction parody can be summed up in three words -- cheese that works. Andy Buckland and his creative team are behind this wacky and irreverent homage to the 1950's and 1960's days of sci-fi on TV and in those Saturday matinees at the local neighborhood theaters. […]

Malcolm Tierney Remembered

One of Britain’s greatest character actors has died at age 75 from pulmonary fibrosis. Malcolm Tierney, known to Doctor Who fans as Doland in the 1980’s incarnation of the series made his mark on the big and small screen as well as the stage. For cinema and television Tierney was seen in everything from the […]