Virgin Galactic's Enterprise Rocket Powered Test Flight

Richard Branson has named his first commercially offered spacecraft the Enterprise and there is an introduction by Richard in video #2 and the exciting videos of the first and second rocket powered test flight of this uniquely genuine spaceship. Even the craft's two adaptable and adjustable wing-spans look sort of like nacelles from a distance […]

Earth View From Saturn's Rings

On July 19, 2013 a rare and significant event took place almost unexpectedly. Members of the planet Earth got a view of their planet from a long, long ways out in the solar system. The NASA Cassini Spacecraft shot an image of a close up of Saturn's rings and at the same time caught a […]

Would You Add Google To Your Brain?

Author Ramez Naam recently spoke on the history and future of human computer interaction as part of the Google Talks/Authors@Google series.   [Read more...]

3D Space Station Doco from Above

ZDF Enterprises, the commercial arm of German broadcaster ZDF, has acquired the global distribution rights for an upcoming documentary that promises to have the first 3D footage from the International Space Station (ISS).   [Read more...]

Commodore Founder Jack Tramiel Dies

Computer industry pioneer Jack Tramiel has passed away at the age of 83.   [Read more...]

Scientists Announce Working "Sonic Screwdriver"

Researchers at Dundee University in Scotland have created a device that uses ultrasound waves to move a rubber disc floating in water, lifting it and making it spin. It is believed to be the first time that ultrasound waves have been used to rotate an object rather than just pushing it from point to point.   [Read more...]