Doctor Who Ratings Slip - Now the Blame Game Begins

One season with the new Doctor and at the close of it the verdict is in. Fans of Doctor Who still haven't totally warmed up to Peter Capaldi as the 12th (or 13th depending) Time Lord. It isn't that he's not a good fit for the role it is simply most fans are still infatuated […]

BBC Creating Two Sci-Fi Documentaries for New Media

My Life in Science Fiction is a new three-part documentary that will be viewable on BBC’s VoD and iPlayer service. This doc will act as a partner to the BBC2’s Dominic Sandbrook series called Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction in which the historian looks at the genre from a diagnostic point of […]

Coleman Leaving Doctor Who By Christmas?

If you can believe what is printed by Mirror and the sources from which they get their entertainment tips then this item may be of interest. Like its American counterpart The National Enquirer, many of the stories found between its pages and their online outlet have proven to be dubious at best, but even a […]

50 Things a Doctor Who Fan Should Know

A team of researchers with the Horror Channel have recently compiled a Doctor Who trivia style infographic called - 50 Things a Doctor Who Fan Should Know - which includes just that - 50 facts every Doctor Who fan should know. Did you find one you were not aware of? While you're visiting our good […]

Doctor Who Series 8 Scripts Leaked Online

Steven Moffat and BBC Worldwide are very angry at the moment because someone has revealed five scripts from the Doctor Who series starring Peter Capaldi and have leaked the contents of them online. Among the five is the season opener titled “Deep Brain,” according to a BBC One spokesperson. The BBC is looking seriously into […]

Doctor Who World Tour Launches In UK

BBC AMERICA and the BBC Worldwide announced today that for the first time ever, the iconic sci-fi series, Doctor Who, will launch a global world tour to introduce Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. The trip will see Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, on-screen companion Jenna Coleman, and the show’s Lead Writer and Executive Producer Steven […]

Doctor Who Stylised 'Rain' Trailer

John Smith's stylised, narrative trailer for the 8th series of Doctor Who, featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth (or 13th) Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Doctor's companion Clara Oswald. The new Doctor lands this August on BBC One and BBC America.

The Sleeper Effect

Watch the full pilot episode of The Sleeper Effect! During the crippling energy crisis, humanity has been split into three sects. Amidst the segregation, four gifted individuals become involved in events that will alter their lives indefinitely. The Sleeper Effect is primarily set in 2015, UK.   [Read more...]

Xbox Games to Live-Action TV and Film

According to Marc Graser, senior editor over at Variety Microsoft/Xbox is getting ready to unleash a bevy of games to live-action television series and feature movies. The first has already been in the rumor mill for some time now. That one is the Steven Spielberg produced TV series Halo. Ridley Scott will also be involved […]

Malcolm Tierney Remembered

One of Britain’s greatest character actors has died at age 75 from pulmonary fibrosis. Malcolm Tierney, known to Doctor Who fans as Doland in the 1980’s incarnation of the series made his mark on the big and small screen as well as the stage. For cinema and television Tierney was seen in everything from the […]