New Animated Sci-Fi Comedy: "Ship Of Eagles"

Wildseed Comedy has unveiled their latest show, Ship of Eagles, a new animated sci-fi comedy created, written and directed by Joel Veitch and David Shute, and executive produced by Wildseed Studios’ Miles Bullough and Jesse Cleverly. In the far future, mankind has spread throughout the stars. The Galactic Human Empire is ruled by a massive […]

The Burka Avenger

In this fantasy animated series the Burka Avenger battles all-too seemingly real enemies too many women and children are familiar with in that part of the world. The Burka Avenger is the cover for a normally shy and quiet Pakistani school teacher during her day job but after classes are over is a crime fighting, […]

DreamWorks Previews Upcoming Animation

Get ready for more martial art panda antics!

DreamWorks animation confirmed that a Kung Fu Panda 3 is already in the works.   [Read more...]