Star Trek documentary "Chaos on the Bridge" Available August 3

In this documentary, writer, Director and acting legend William Shatner takes viewers inside the creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the bold attempt in 1986 to recreate the success of the original television series, through the eyes of the writers, producers, actors and executives who were involved.   [Read more...]

Destination Star Trek Returns To London

Slice of SciFi UK has great news for British Star Trek fans. In association with the Syfy Network Destination Star Trek is returning for another visit to London 3-5 October 2014. The last time this grand event visited the UK was in 2012. Now, after a successful run in Frankfurt, Germany the star-studded Destination #3 […]

Star Trek: Live In Concert

Star Trek: Live in Concert is coming your way, with screenings of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness accompanied by live symphony orchestra performances of Michael Giacchino’s scores. The Star Trek: Live in Concert tour will kick off in Europe next month with events in the UK and Switzerland, followed by U.S. premieres […]

"Beam Me Up Scotty"

21st Century transporter technology. {Click HERE to View Transporter Video} Were you able to figure out how this was done before the end of the video?

Star Trek "Into Darkness" Event For Earth Hour

Last night as the city of London went dark in recognition of the WWF's Earth Hour, Paramount put on a special Star Trek themed light show.   [Read more...]

Did Urban Let Slip Who's the Villain in "Star Trek 2?"

Warning:   If you don't want to know the identity of the villain for the next Star Trek movie, st0p reading now!     Has actor Karl Urban let slip who the next adversary will be in the rebooted Star Trek universe? It appears he may have. Talking to SFX for the upcoming release of […]

Cumberbatch Role in "Star Trek 2" Confirmed

After months of speculation, it’s finally been confirmed the role Benedict Cumberbatch will play ...   [Read more...]