Superman and Batman on Same Big Screen for the First Time

Director Zack Snyder surprised everyone at this year's San Diego Comic Con with a huge announcement. The next big screen appearance of Superman will include that other caped crusader Batman. This will be the first time that these two superheros will appear together for a live-action, mega-buck, big screen film. Snyder gave little-to-no details about […]

"Man of Steel" -- A Slice of SciFi Review

For DC fans who've long wondered if anything could be done to match the successes and storytelling in the recent crop of Marvel superhero movies, wondered if there was enough unsullied heart and imagination left in Hollywood to look beyond the clichés and bring Superman to a new generation that wants to believe a man can fly, it's safe to believe again.   [Read more...]

DC Reveals New Power Couple

Talk about your power couples.

Superman and Wonder Woman are an item now.   [Read more...]